Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Abigail and her calf

I was very surprised that Abigail didn't give birth before me! It seemed she would have the calf "any day now" for months. Then 4 days after our little one made his debut.....we woke up to a cute wet calf laying in the field. Its a bull, so he's a bit darker than his mother....So we settled on "Snickers" for a name. Snickers had a very difficult first few days and we were unsure if he was going to make it. It was over 95 degrees when he was born and he laid out in the heat while we were at church. Thankfully Buck was home to bottle feed him for a couple days. Now he is full of energy and back to normal.

We've made ice cream and butter....mmmm.....I sure did miss that fresh milk. We're making up for lost
Abigail and wet Snickers


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