Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Around the Farm

Elsie and Mary with our last lettuce harvest
Everything has been very, very busy around the farm. The garden is in full swing with ripe cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, and squash. We just finished harvesting the last of the carrots, lettuce, and turnips. Which means we are enjoying lots of fresh produce and trying to put some up for the winter. There is nothing like fresh from the garden. We don't put anything on our plants, so we can just go out and eat cherry tomatoes. We learned our lesson with we have settled with the fact that the pests will get half and we'll get the rest :) With our lettuce, the Romaine did the best and the Red Romaine did the worst.

We are also expecting a calf any day now. Abigail, our heifer is due to calf her first and everyone is waiting patiently (or at least trying). We are all looking forward to that fresh milk and homemade ice cream again! We are all excited to see who will go into labor'm betting the cow!

The geese have been outside since our trip to Texas and have gotten huge!!! They are almost full grown, except the runt, which we call "Franny". They are so beautiful out in the green field and it is so peaceful watching them swim and play in the pond.

Then, there's the chickens and ducks..... I think everyone of them on the entire farm were trying to be  mothers. We were getting 2+ dz eggs day from the farm and after we came back from Texas, there were days we got none! The Blue Fawn call ducks hatched out 7, Whites hatched 8, Magpies hatched 5, and the poor Buffs hatched 0....I guess the male wasn't doing his job. It was so sad for the 2 female ducks to sit on eggs for a month and hatch nothing while all the ducks around them had hatched ducklings. So, they laid another nest and they're trying again! I candled a few and they are developing this time. The chickens did well and hatched a ton of chicks. Thankfully we have NO broodies and we are starting to get eggs again. We also have some Silkie chicks in the basement to replace some of the ones that the dogs killed. They should be the tamest chickens ever with Posie handling them everyday :)


Chuck and one of his carrots. He got some seeds for his
birthday and this is some of his harvest
geese...see Franny in the front?

Posie and Gus gus with Silkie chicks in the basement

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