Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Birth Story

I promised an update and here it is :) Sorry it took so long. Little Man is one week old today!

At about 5:30 on Tuesday, July 8th, I started feeling stronger contractions and when Buck got home I went to our bedroom to focus. After timing for a little while, I realized that I wasn't getting a break in between contractions....they weren't super strong yet. So, I called my midwife and she asked if I would go to the hospital to be checked out....she feared my placenta may have been failing. I agreed, but was a little afraid they wouldn't let me go home once I was there.
Once at the hospital (7:30pm), they monitored me for about 20-30 minutes and said everything was fine and my uterus was contracting normally again.  Whats really funny is all my contractions stopped as soon as I walked through the hospital doors and picked back up again. My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart, but my midwife said I could go home and come back when I was ready...yay!!!  I was so relieved to be headed home :)
As soon as we got home (8:45), things really picked up and I decided to eat a Salmon Patty while I still had the chance.(I didn't eat earlier....only The contractions stayed about 3-4 minutes apart and I went from the tub to the bed a few times. Nothing was soothing me....I was just trying to let the contractions do their job. I'm not going to lie, contractions are uncomfortable, but it's more like these huge powerful rushes that come and take over your body. You can fight it, but everything works so much smoother if you just let them take over. Normally Buck rubbing my back is all I need to make it through the waves of contractions, but for some reason that just wasn't doing it this time, even Elsie tried. All the sudden I was very vocal and Buck kept telling to to be quiet or I may wake the Sorry, can't help I asked to get back in the tub and Buck knew it was time to head to the hospital. I DID NOT want to leave, I was afraid that I wasn't very dilated and I'd have to finish laboring at the hospital, but Buck said I had no choice a loving way :)We grabbed a couple last minute things and hobbled to the truck. Elsie called my SIL, Michelle, and my Mother....both wanted to be at the birth.
(12:30am)I laid on the back seat with Elsie at my feet. Buck did his best to go slow down our bumpy driveway and off we went down all the curvy roads. The contractions were spreading out a bit, but I was getting a little worried that it may be close to pushing. Poor Elsie was down by my legs and I feared she may get soaked if my water broke. She rubbed my feet and legs while we were flying down the roads and it felt so good....why had we not tried that earlier!!! As we got onto the Highway, I started feeling like I had to go to the bathroom. Then all the sudden I realized.....I had drank that castor oil!!! What if this was the castor oil kicking in?!?! I really didn't want to have an accident in the car! With every contraction my body was pushing (I thought is was a BM, but it was the baby), it was uncontrollable!!! I kept telling Buck that I had to go to the bathroom and just kept yelling "Don't push, don't push". We were about 20 minutes from the hospital, but he managed to get us there in 10.(1:05am) My SIL was there waiting at the hospital door with a wheelchair....she's so awesome! Michelle ran ahead and pushed the elevator button and Elsie pushed me.....I don't think I have ever seen artwork fly past so We got to the room and my midwife checked me ...."Complete, time to push", she said. I didn't expect to be ready to push, I kept telling them I just had to use the My waterbag was intact, so she broke it and I pushed. Once the head was out, I wanted the rest of him out too....I heard my midwife explaining to Buck how to hook under the arm and ease the shoulders out.....I started yelling "You should have talked about this earlier.....get him out of me!!!" Then, he was born and I was soooo relieved. You really just can not explain what a release and peace you get when all the contractions stop and you have control over you body again. Little Man was 7lb 3oz and 20"long....born at 1:22am....17 minutes after arriving! Buck handed me my sweetie and my midwife said to put him on my skin (to keep him warm). I delivered in one of my maxi dresses ( second time I delivered in my clothes), so that was a lot of fabric to list As I put him close to my chest, he latched on and started nursing....before the cord was even Michelle was taking pictures and is always so helpful and encouraging. Elsie did great but, got a little faint when I delivered the placenta and there was a good bit of blood. She thought the delivery was "nice", but my yelling was "different" But where Oh, where was my mother when all this was going on? Well, when she got to the hospital, she was disappointed that she missed the birth, but she had to take a shower!!! (It was her birthday after all) And made some She probably needed the coffee to stay awake, though. So, Little Man and my mother share the same birthday....yay! After everything slowed down, I kept thinking...if Buck hadn't forced me to leave the house, this little guy's birth certificate may have said...Place of Birth: Red Ford F-250!

Fast forward a week, we are all doing well and enjoying the new baby. He's a sweet little guy and we can't wait to see who he looks like, as he gets older. We're also enjoying Buck being home, for 2 weeks....boy I really needed his help this past week. He's so awesome....I haven't cooked once and I've had a nap everyday. We are beyond blessed!!!!

Oh, and I beat Abigail (the cow) woohoo!!!
Me while I was being monitored earlier..
notice the smile? Obviously not in active labor :) 
My midwife and Buck catching

Knot in the cord...first time for that

Mom and her "birthday buddy" does she not look tired?!?! 

Me after delivery....there's no pics of me and the baby that are "appropriate"

Little Man and his bonnet Elsie made him...Aww
Sucking his thumb

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  1. As always it was awesome and an honor to be at the birth of your child.
    Lol sorry we didn't get an appropriate shot of you and the bean! I'll remember that next time!