Tuesday, July 8, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite (pregnancy) Things

Thought I'd do a short list of my favorite pregnancy/baby things.


clothing item- long maxi skirts or dresses. I prefer the skirts, but dresses are so put them on and you have an outfit :) They are both soooo comfy and they last your entire pregnancy. I'm not a "name brand snob", but I won a few maxi skirts on ebay and the most comfortable, soft skirt is GAP brand.

meal- I haven't had a ton of food cravings this time, but if I had to pick one thing it would be meat.....yes, meat. Steak, Salmon, Fajitas....if it has meat in it it's gone. I haven't been eating nearly enough fruit and veges compared to the meat. We tried Sushi for the first time  a couple months ago and it is great (didn't have the raw things since I'm preggo)

snacks- my stand by snack is....sardines in olive oil, with buffalo flavor pretzel crisps....mmm (see...more meat)

ice cream- Talenti Carribean Coconut. Not too sweet and sooo creamy. I also have went to TCBY a couple times this pregnancy and tried some international frozen yogurt.....mmm...I'm going to miss my prenatal appts by myself.
dessert- Tiramisu....Olive Garden has the best....IMO. Not too sweet and full of flavor.
pregnancy/birth method book- "Bradley Method". There are 2 books, one is for the coach/husband and the one for the mother. They are both wonderful to read and get familiar with every pregnancy if you want to have a natural/drug free childbirth.
childbirth book- Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth...awesome book filled with birth stories and info on how a women's body works during labor.

baby wash- Burts Bees baby bar soap. It smells great and lasts, it doesn't have SLS in it, which my children have had trouble with in the past.
diapers- Pampers Swaddlers!!! With baby #5 the cheap diapers were chaffing and rubbing her belly raw, so we went back to these diapers. They are very soft...almost like cloth. Now after this little one is born, I can try out all my cloth diapers and have another opinion.
baby blanket- Aden and Anais...they are super soft blankets made from muslin and are awesome for swaddling. Plus they're light weight, so perfect for summer babies or great layered for winter babies. My friend introduced these to me....thanks Robin!!!

~I'll probably add to this list once I get rid of "pregnancy brain", which I'm hoping is soon~

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