Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My thrill of Six Flags: By Elsie

I recently went to Six Flags with my good friend. :) We had such a blast and I'd like to share our good times! 

It all started when my friend, (we will call her DLF) asked me to go to Six Flags with her. My dad said it wasn't a good idea to go alone without him, so my DLF and her family kindly provided 2 "get in for $9.99 tickets". We have literally been planning this since May, and we were going in August. 

Finally, the day came and after driving my friend CRAZY about going, we went. Traffic was fair, until we entered where I-85 turned down to two lanesAll I could pray as for the traffic to pick up so we could make it on time. And it did. The lanes came back up to 4 and we rolled there nicely. We stopped at a Wendy's to wait for DLF and her family, since we got there about 45 minutes early. ;) Dad likes to be on time. And rather be much earlier than later. 

 Dad and I had some burritos while we waited, and then dad fooled around with the GPS in the car, trying to figure a faster route home. The Wendy's was just like 2 blocks from Six Flags, and I must say it was very clean, the bathrooms, excellent except for being a little small. In a quick amount of time, DLF arrived and we got ready to head on over to Six Flags. 

 We parked in the middle of the parking lot, and walked where a "tram" would pick you up and take you to the park. From the park entrance to the parking lot of where WE were located, it was about... I'd say 1/4 of a mile. After signing in and entering into the park, I was ready for some rides. One roller coaster seemed a little daring for me and I decided that one wasn't a "first time trip one". I don't remember what it was called, but DLF said sometimes it gets stuck at the top and it takes about half an hour to get down. :O

The first one we tried was the "Acrophobia". The line wait was about half an hour I think. The Acrophobia takes you up 20 stories, and then drops you at (I believe) 62 miles an hour straight down. Now, this one is probably the scariest in the park.That's not including roller coasters though. We finally got to go and I buckled myself in and breathed deeply. DLF tried calming me, but I was beyond that. "I don't know..." I hesitated. 'No...I don't wanna go." But I couldn't look like a sissy in front of my friend, so I bravely let them harness me in. Dad took a picture, and up we went. The horror of going up that high and being dropped, polluted my mind. When we were at the top, the worst part was the workers would lean your seat out some, so you were looking almost straight down. I shut my eyes and could feel the ride slowly turning to let you see the view. The girl next to me was laughing, and DLF was telling me to open my eyes. "Shutting them makes it worse," I heard her say. "No it doesn't!" Is all this half 14 year old could say. I heard the workers on the microphone saying, "we are going down in 15,14,13." I clenched my harness...and that's when the people said,"12,11" and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.  Dropped us. I screamed  loud, but all the pressure of the air coming past you , makes it where you can't scream as good. I have never had such a rush in my life, and probably will never again. It was horrifying! You don't know how overjoyed I was for my feet to touch the ground after the ride was over! If you plan on doing some scary rides at Six Flags...I recommend doing this one FIRST, because you feel as if you can conquer anything! Dad also did this one and the look on his face was so red I couldn't describe it. Even he said that was the biggest rush of his life and now he felt like he could do anything.

(Roller coaster)

The mining cart is meant for little children, but this is your first time being to Six Flags...and you're freaked out about every little thing. Next...we tried the mining cart. DLF has done every ride their, so she said, 'Oh, it's just a little kid 'baby' ride." Ok, DLF. Whatever you say. The wait was probably about 20 minutes...not bad. We got on the train and it started to go. Fun. A little excitement. Fresh air. Ahhhhhh. The speed picked up and I screamed a little as went around a sharp turn. "Elsie! Come on." DLF said laughing. 'Baby ride' Ha! The speed picked up and we went around shard turns again and again. Then...DLF exclaimed,"It's the scary part!" Scary? No way. This whole thing is scary. The car went into a dark tunnel and turned VERY sharp. I screamed as loud as I possibly could scream in DLF's ear. I giggle thinking about it! We then got out at the stop and I was shaky. yes, a little kid ride. It wasn't that bad. Was it? No. It was fine. 


We wanted to do the "old timey cars" but all of them were broke down, so we decided that the "Scream machine" would be our next approach. This was really a thrill, and I think the oldest, most rickety roller coaster there. The wait was only about 25 minutes. Now we got into our seats. Me and DLF in one and her brothers behind us. It started out slow, but then once we got to the hill, "whhhooooossshhhh!" You are swept almost straight down and thrown all over the place. The turns are sharp, and I really couldn't handle it. Halfway through, I went limp. I guess I decided to not move at all and just stay motionless throughout the ride. I may have even blacked out, but don't remember. I do remember DLF saying, "Oh my goodness! Elsie!!! Did you pass out?" "I don't know," is all I could say. I heard her telling her brother she thought I had passed out, but I'm not sure if I did or not. Soon the ride slowed down and I weakly and wobbled with them over to the next ride. "Superman".

(very exciting, scary, and breath taking and my personal FAVORITE!!!)

Next we decided Superman was next. I made a promise to my brothers to try it out, but I hadn't imagined this. When you get onto the ride, you sit down, and then the seats go backwards and up, you really feel like your flying. The wait was about an hour and 20 minutes. Standing in line was the only thing that bothered far. Listening to some people using foul language and talking about things I could barely stand listening to. DLF's older sister (we'll call her ummmm....Blondie) was hesitant about riding this one, since she had only done it once...but we talked her into it.
We were about to get into our seats when 3 people...who (we think) came out of NOWHERE dropped down into our seats. Blondie was furious. We all were. "They just got off the ride," Blondie said. "I saw them!" I shrugged my shoulders. DLF almost said something to the employee when I jumped in. "It's fine DLF. Let it go. We can wait one more time." And so we did. I knew those people would get kicked out of the park, and we noticed they didn't have flashpasses, but oh well. I didn't want to ruin their day, just because they did something they shouldn't have. We all make mistakes. 

We got into our seats,on the next round
and since only 3 of us rode, their was an extra seat which me gladly gave to another teen behind us. DLF warned him that he's probably be deaf by the time we got done because two of us would scream our heads off, and she was right. The ride started going and I said, "I don't know DLF. This looks scary." "Too late now Elsie! No going back now!" Now the ride was about to go upsidedownish. LOL. It doesn't exactly go upside down, but it sure feels like it! Down we went and I promised DLF I wouldn't close my eyes...and I didn't. I just screamed at the end when you literally go about 3 feet close to the ground. I screamed right in DLF's ear, "get me off this thing" over and over. "There's nothing I can do about it!" She screamed back.
Yeah, she's right. Nothing anyone could do about it.


We had a yummy lunch at like 3:00 p.m. due to the Superman wait, but other than this, everyone was happy. 

We spent the rest of the day until 5:00 swimming in the wave pool. Lots of fun! But extremely crowded. I am serious...there were literally 500 people in that pool! And it was hard to move around without bumping into someone. Then we re-dressed and headed home. :) It was a lot of fun and I think it would make a great family fun day!  
I have tried adding pictures to this blog post, but sometimes it's hard to upload in that case, we'll get some pics on here later! xD

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Whole 11

I started the "whole 30" journey to cleanse/detox my body from all the garbage I put in it. It's 30 days of only eating......
~ unprocessed meat (uncured, no preservatives, preferably organic)
~ seafood
~ veggies (except corn and potatoes)
~ fruit
~ high quality coconut products (coconut oil, milk, butter, etc)
~ eggs
~ And certain tree nuts

And do without eating.....

~ dairy
~ grains
~ legumes
~ all sweeteners (including honey)
~ alcohol (even for cooking)

3 meals a day, no snacking (except pregnant and nursing moms...yes, that's me!)

Buck and I started the program, but he only did it 6 days (that was his goal). We were both amazed at the withdrawls we went through. They have a timeline on the whole 30 website here that talks about the detox side effects....too bad I didn't find that page until day 5.  On day 2, Buck was having crazy dizzy spells and just a plain fuzzy head. Of course the next day I started feeling the same way. I was very relieved to find out all the things were completely normal. I didn't know the worst was yet to come......complete exhaustion!!! I felt worse than when I was pregnant....with any of my any stage. It was really odd to feel so tired. I'm sure me getting up in the night with a new baby made it worse, but I was happy to read that the tiredness only lasts a few days. I wouldn't have been able to last much longer. It was very hard to manage my house and children with a foggy tired body. After about 5 days I was back to normal. I also read that days 12-15 your likely to have "food dreams". I thought that was kind of silly and would only happen to the people that are really craving certain things and constantly daydreaming about the food they miss. And I haven't been doing that, so I figured that it wouldn't happen to was wrong. I had 3 "food dreams" about carrot cake, popcorn, and a birthday cake. Each dream I was in the middle of eating a "no-no" and realized I was on this diet....then I would wake up and discover it was just a dream. Of course, if it hadn't been a dream I could have broke the diet and be eating real mayo again. I was a little ahead of schedule and had the food dreams starting day 7.

All in all I'm enjoying the cleanse/detox. I realize that I don't have to eat the way I have been eating and it isn't that hard to go through the Mickey Ds drive-thru for my hubby and not buy anything for myself (yes, he did ask me to do the unthinkable). It's all downhill from more bad side effects.  I honestly don't mind eating like this and will continue some of it after the 30 days. Now I'm just waiting on the boost of energy.

I did do one no-no....I weighed myself 7 days in.....I had lost 6 pds!!! I'm not in it for the weight loss, but I was very surprised.

Here's a recipe that I have been really enjoying....
Turkey Blueberry Muffins

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Crystal Anniversary

The B&B
Months before our 15th Anniversary we talked about something special we could do....with a newborn in tow. So, that knocked off skydiving....darn. Last year we went to a water park with my brother and his fiance (that was fun), but that worked because I wasn't pregnant or nursing at the time...I know, I know... rare. We finally settled on going to a Bed and Breakfast in Blue Ridge, Ga. Blue Ridge isn't too far from us and the B&B was right downtown (I didn't realize how much I would love this). We had never spent the night away from the children, so that was a new experience. But, my mother was "holding down the fort" and with Elsie second in command we were at ease.

Mmmm, the coffee shop
We stayed at Blue Ridge Bed & Breakfast, which was a very nice historic home. But since we had the baby, we stayed in an add on the house instead the historic part. That was kind of a bummer, but I understood and I would have hated for the baby to wake someone up in the middle of the night. The place a great innkeeper and she made us a wonderful breakfast.

Downtown there was an awesome, awesome....did I mention shop named L&L Beanery. We ate there for lunch upon arriving in Blue Ridge. Their Chicken Salad was delicious. And their coffee drinks were tasty too.....I would have went there everyday. I'm hoping when we go apple picking we can swing by there for lunch :)

The shopping downtown was a lot of fun, too. There was quite a few antique stores and lots for sweet shops (both our favorites). Being that everything was downtown, I could put the baby in my sling and we could stay out all day. Instead of having to get him in and out of the carseat at every stop. I can even nurse in it.

But, one of the main reasons we chose Blue Ridge was because to a scenic railroad they have. You get on the train in downtown (yay) Blue Ridge and ride it an hour north to the double city of McCaysville, Ga/ Copperhill, TN where you can have lunch and shop for 2 hrs before getting back on the train for a return trip. We brought our lunch from L&L Beanery, so we wouldn't have to fight the hundreds of people to a restaurant.....that was a great decision. We enjoyed walking around the town, but the ride was even better. We followed along side the Toccoa river....what a beautiful trip. It would be a great view in the fall.

Did I get any crystal for my "year for crystal" anniversary? No, I got something even better.....a birdhouse i really wanted :)

The bright panoramic (no historical) mirrors in our B&B room.
 Not good for a postpartum 
It was a very relaxing trip and I would love to go back with the kids. I'm so blessed to have someone to share my life with.....he really is my soulmate.
On the train....oh look....he's out of the sling!!!
And he has his "angry eyebrows" on :)

Our Anniversary restaurant (baby in the sling)

shopping (baby in sling)

Oh, look....the baby's in the sling

This was a cupcake shop that won "cupcake wars" on Food Network.
Their cupcakes were very good.

Tackling the 8 Armed Octopus

Yep, now I'm Octo-mom....8 children clinging to me with every Everyone has been asking how I'm handling the new addition to the brood and all is going well. He's now a month old....where does time go?! The baby has such a sweet temperament and sleeps way better than Little Young did at this age. I'm still up 3-5x a night, but hey, this is motherhood and I'm happy. Before I know it this chapter in my life will be over and I'll have to wait A LONG TIME (to any of my children reading this) before I get to rock grandchildren.

We started back to school last week, so my sanity was a little shaky, but we're nailing out a schedule pretty well. This is the first year we've tried "Switched on Schoolhouse" for math. So far I feel like there isn't enough practice on a skill before quizzes, but only time will tell if we like it. Elsie is now in high school (at home). It doesn't seem possible. She's such a sweet excited about life....I can't wait to see what she does with hers.

We also celebrated our 15th wedding Anniversary by going to a bed and breakfast in Blue Ridge, Ga. That was so fun. I'll do a  separate blog post for that.

And most recently, we started the "whole30" detox/diet. You can search online for more info, but you eliminate all sweeteners, grains, dairy, legumes, soy ....almost everything (that's what Buck says) from your diet for 30 days. We are only eating: meat, veggies, fruits, some nuts, and coconut/olive oil. In turn your body detoxes and reboots. I'm really enjoying it...just knowing I'm doing something good for my body. Buck is enjoying it.....not so much. He eats a ton of sugar, so he has been going through withdrawals, but today he's doing much better. I hope to have time to blog about this journey, too.