Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Whole 11

I started the "whole 30" journey to cleanse/detox my body from all the garbage I put in it. It's 30 days of only eating......
~ unprocessed meat (uncured, no preservatives, preferably organic)
~ seafood
~ veggies (except corn and potatoes)
~ fruit
~ high quality coconut products (coconut oil, milk, butter, etc)
~ eggs
~ And certain tree nuts

And do without eating.....

~ dairy
~ grains
~ legumes
~ all sweeteners (including honey)
~ alcohol (even for cooking)

3 meals a day, no snacking (except pregnant and nursing moms...yes, that's me!)

Buck and I started the program, but he only did it 6 days (that was his goal). We were both amazed at the withdrawls we went through. They have a timeline on the whole 30 website here that talks about the detox side effects....too bad I didn't find that page until day 5.  On day 2, Buck was having crazy dizzy spells and just a plain fuzzy head. Of course the next day I started feeling the same way. I was very relieved to find out all the things were completely normal. I didn't know the worst was yet to come......complete exhaustion!!! I felt worse than when I was pregnant....with any of my any stage. It was really odd to feel so tired. I'm sure me getting up in the night with a new baby made it worse, but I was happy to read that the tiredness only lasts a few days. I wouldn't have been able to last much longer. It was very hard to manage my house and children with a foggy tired body. After about 5 days I was back to normal. I also read that days 12-15 your likely to have "food dreams". I thought that was kind of silly and would only happen to the people that are really craving certain things and constantly daydreaming about the food they miss. And I haven't been doing that, so I figured that it wouldn't happen to was wrong. I had 3 "food dreams" about carrot cake, popcorn, and a birthday cake. Each dream I was in the middle of eating a "no-no" and realized I was on this diet....then I would wake up and discover it was just a dream. Of course, if it hadn't been a dream I could have broke the diet and be eating real mayo again. I was a little ahead of schedule and had the food dreams starting day 7.

All in all I'm enjoying the cleanse/detox. I realize that I don't have to eat the way I have been eating and it isn't that hard to go through the Mickey Ds drive-thru for my hubby and not buy anything for myself (yes, he did ask me to do the unthinkable). It's all downhill from more bad side effects.  I honestly don't mind eating like this and will continue some of it after the 30 days. Now I'm just waiting on the boost of energy.

I did do one no-no....I weighed myself 7 days in.....I had lost 6 pds!!! I'm not in it for the weight loss, but I was very surprised.

Here's a recipe that I have been really enjoying....
Turkey Blueberry Muffins

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