Monday, August 11, 2014

The Crystal Anniversary

The B&B
Months before our 15th Anniversary we talked about something special we could do....with a newborn in tow. So, that knocked off skydiving....darn. Last year we went to a water park with my brother and his fiance (that was fun), but that worked because I wasn't pregnant or nursing at the time...I know, I know... rare. We finally settled on going to a Bed and Breakfast in Blue Ridge, Ga. Blue Ridge isn't too far from us and the B&B was right downtown (I didn't realize how much I would love this). We had never spent the night away from the children, so that was a new experience. But, my mother was "holding down the fort" and with Elsie second in command we were at ease.

Mmmm, the coffee shop
We stayed at Blue Ridge Bed & Breakfast, which was a very nice historic home. But since we had the baby, we stayed in an add on the house instead the historic part. That was kind of a bummer, but I understood and I would have hated for the baby to wake someone up in the middle of the night. The place a great innkeeper and she made us a wonderful breakfast.

Downtown there was an awesome, awesome....did I mention shop named L&L Beanery. We ate there for lunch upon arriving in Blue Ridge. Their Chicken Salad was delicious. And their coffee drinks were tasty too.....I would have went there everyday. I'm hoping when we go apple picking we can swing by there for lunch :)

The shopping downtown was a lot of fun, too. There was quite a few antique stores and lots for sweet shops (both our favorites). Being that everything was downtown, I could put the baby in my sling and we could stay out all day. Instead of having to get him in and out of the carseat at every stop. I can even nurse in it.

But, one of the main reasons we chose Blue Ridge was because to a scenic railroad they have. You get on the train in downtown (yay) Blue Ridge and ride it an hour north to the double city of McCaysville, Ga/ Copperhill, TN where you can have lunch and shop for 2 hrs before getting back on the train for a return trip. We brought our lunch from L&L Beanery, so we wouldn't have to fight the hundreds of people to a restaurant.....that was a great decision. We enjoyed walking around the town, but the ride was even better. We followed along side the Toccoa river....what a beautiful trip. It would be a great view in the fall.

Did I get any crystal for my "year for crystal" anniversary? No, I got something even better.....a birdhouse i really wanted :)

The bright panoramic (no historical) mirrors in our B&B room.
 Not good for a postpartum 
It was a very relaxing trip and I would love to go back with the kids. I'm so blessed to have someone to share my life with.....he really is my soulmate.
On the train....oh look....he's out of the sling!!!
And he has his "angry eyebrows" on :)

Our Anniversary restaurant (baby in the sling)

shopping (baby in sling)

Oh, look....the baby's in the sling

This was a cupcake shop that won "cupcake wars" on Food Network.
Their cupcakes were very good.


  1. Oh my gosh! That bridge you are standing in front of there is a great restaurant to the left of you! That town is near where my sister is building her house!