Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elsie is now taking over the blog!!!

What happened?!

Oh what's happened?!?!

I (Elsie) am taking over our family blog!!! We have become kinda busy and getting ready for X-mas and everything, so right now...and for a long time, I will be doing the blog. :) As you know, my Mom was the one who did the posts...but right now everything has been super busy!!!


First of all you might want to know what's been going on around Mt. Promise Land Farm. We've been getting ready for Christmas first of all. This time of year is always so very busy!

A few months ago, I was BEGGING my daddy for a horse. I was totally bothered by the thought of maybe I would never get a horse. I wanted to feel that rush of riding a horse and the blue sky above you and the white fluffy clouds passing. I wanted the thrill of galloping across the
pasture and feeling the wind whip my hair. But all I could do was pray. I would have never thought this, but I was texting my friend one day about a horse, and she said that she and her Mom wanted to give their stubborn horse, Ginger away. What could I do? Ask Dad? Good idea. Next day I bothered Dad BAD about Ginger. "It's for FREE!" I would whine. "Nothing's for free. What about your job?" Dad was right. I had been working on a farm for some of our family friends early that year, but they didn't have much work for me to do, so I hadn't worked in a few months. I prayed for a job. I prayed every night about Ginger. Ginger...she was awesome! We drove down to her stable and I got the feel of riding her. She was a pure Quarter horse, about 15.2 hand high and sound as a 15 years old! No health problems or nothing!!! She rode pretty well, even though I knew she was a little rough and stubborn sometimes.

Ginger, my 15 year old Quarter Horse. That's me on her.
Now, rewind a few months and guess what I did? I gave away Pancake, our adorable little pony because Dad said, "Get rid of the pony and we'll get a horse." I was all in. We did that and I just couldn't wait until that perfect horse came around my corner.

We waited for Dad's answer. The day after visiting Ginger, we went to our favorite buffet and  a man whom we didn't even know, at another table asked Dad, "Where do you preach at?" We were all shocked! How we know Dad ministered? Dad went over to the man's table and they talked for a little bit. We found out later that the man had told dad, "Let me show you what I bought my daughter." WHAT WAS IT?! A HORSE. Dad always said it was like lightning between the eyes, and to all of us it was definitely God telling us that Ginger should be ours.

Monday Dad made the decision that we could get Ginger. "But what about my job to pay for her feed and stuff?" I asked worriedly. "We may know of a job you can get," Dad said mysteriously. And what a shock it was! About 2 weeks later I started working for my mysterious boss...MY SWEET AUNT!!!

We picked up Ginger exactly a week after we went and visited her. And now I ride her all the time and we chase our calf across the pasture and imagine ourselves in the rodeo. Another blessing? Katie (my friend who gave me Ginger) gave me her English saddle and her bridle for Ginger. I now have 3 saddles from two different people that were given to me!!!

Our living room
What's the house look like around Christmas?

We have never done any lights on the outside of the house, but this year we did them up our front porch, and got some mini Christmas trees with lights to set by the front door. :) Our cozy and welcoming living room is freshened up this year and I never remember seeing it this festive before! You can notice our poodle, Lily in her doggie sweater in front of the fireplace. We almost NEVER light a fire in this fireplace, because we have a wood burning stove in our basement which gives off a LOT of heat!!!

The front porch

The 18th Annual Cookie Bake!!!

Mary and her Gingerbread reindeer
Us ladies, we do an annual Cookie Bake, and this has been the 17th year my mom has done it with my Grandma and Aunt Michelle, but this is my 6th year...and so I believe this is actually the 18th year that the cookie bake has been done!!! This is the first year my sister Mary has done it. This year I made buckeyes (You can find this recipe on my Pinterest board "Food, Drink and Recipes". My board to my recipes on Pinterest.), my famous Peanut Butter fudge recipe  that I make every year (found on, some Eggnog Cookies (also on my Pinterest. See the link above) and some Chocolate Chip Cookie dough truffles. Click here for recipe. 

All of these recipes turned out great for me...and quite yummy!!!


And so, this is how our farm is...happy and healthy and getting ready for this grand season! And so, our Christmas starts tomorrow. Thank you for reading and I promise...posts will be more often.

-Elsie and the family