Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

It's Elsie again!

I wanted to bring in the memories of our farm from this year, 2014.

The funny moments, the cheesy moments, the DO-NOT-TAKE-MY-PICTURE moments, and the laugh-your-head-off-moments.


Polish Chickens
Me and Daisy 2013

I wanted to do a brief explanation about my polish chickens. The colors I have are mostly black with a white crest, but I also have gotten some blue in my lines, using a female named Claire who was splash color. I bred her to my rooster, Roscoe, a black with a white crest. I have gotten two full grown offspring from them with consists of Pearl, and Blue. Breeding is so much fun! seeing what colors your going to come out with and what their going to look's just so much fun!
 I use them for show purposes, and have actually gotten "Best in Breed" two years in a row at the Newnan Chicken show. Both wins were with different chickens. "Daisy" (In the picture with me holding here which was 2013) and "Dotty" which was this past year 2014.  One of my favorite parts of getting a chicken ready for showing is giving them a bath and blow drying them. I always imagine that their so thankful that their one of our many chickens getting to be bathed and blown dry!

Just fun!
These are all just funny or cute pics that I thought everyone would enjoy seeing from our glorious year of 2014!

Now your probably looking at that delicious looking blackberry cobbler over there on the left. Well, that recipe has really been a favorite around our house during blackberry season. It is so SO SO simple to make...and yes it is heavenly to eat! Click here for recipe!

Blackberry Cobbler

Some of the "Gang" at Chick-fil-a
(from left to right: me, Chuck, Snail,
Mary, Rose, and Gus-gus)

Princess and Lily
My favorite picture of Little Young

4th of July parade.
(From left to right: Me, Gus-Gus, Chuck, and our cousin, Mikie)

Dad in Chuck's soapbox racer

Rose and Snail riding my friend's horse, River.

Thanks for looking! May you have a peaceful and prosperous 2015!!!

-Everyone from Mt. Promise Land Farm

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