Thursday, February 19, 2015

Little Young's story

Little Young LOVES whipped cream...who doesn't?
Little Young on X-mas

Introducing...Little Young!!!

Little young, is the second youngest in the family...right next to (yes, we finally thought of a name for the youngest!!!) Gravy. Little Young is the cutest little two year old boy I've ever encountered! Yesterday, I was making my famous Buttermilk pie, and Little Young climbed up on the stool and started watching me. "I love you little guy," I whispered. "I love you Elsie!" He said, and he threw his arms around me...and as he did, he tipped mom's cup over which spilled everywhere!!! It was still HILARIOUS! He seems so smart for his age as well. We purchased some Pre-school prep DVDS a while back for extremely cheap off groupon a while back, and he is SO smart with them. You can right a small word on the easel and he'll point and say the word with a big cheesy smile. :) He's always willing to help, and whenever someone asks which kid he most looks like...well, we just don't know! He looks like a combination of Gus-Gus and Chuck in one! Little young will be having his 3rd birthday on June 15th. :D He is probably the funniest of all of us all. He'll say silly little jokes, normally just for attention...but he's so silly!

Little Young making one of his silly faces. :D

The first pic I took with my kindle...was this one....haha!!!!

Here...we are at a Christmas party, and little young loved the nutcracker! Can you imagine the joy of having a toy as big as you! Haha

Little Young at Steak and Shake.

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