Monday, March 2, 2015

Chickens, snow, and sledding!

Mom and I. :) 

Newnan Chicken Show!!!

Last Saturday we went to the Newnan,GA chicken show and my mom and I showed our beautiful birds like we have in the past. I won 1st again, which makes me a three time winner for the largest show in the South East for the breed of "Polish". :) I encouraged Mom to show her very large English Orpington rooster, because I saw how marvelous he looked! Mom wasn't so sure, but she did anyway, and she won 2nd. We also came home with some Old German Owl pigeons that I insisted on buying. I named them Gem and Jay, :D



Mary and grandpa with their snowman
At first, the weather people predicted it to rain for 3 hours straight before dropping an ounce of snow...and then we'd get some snow. :( "Oh," we all thought. Snow doesn't stick great with wetness everywhere! And so, as Mom and I and Mary fed the chickens, I said, "Mom, when is this rain supposed to come in? It shows on the radar we're already supposed to be getting it." But none came. Fast forward one hour later...and there...huge and many snowflakes came fluttering from the grey sky. :D Around 5:45 p.m. we ran outside after supper and began playing in the elegant whiteness, We later heard that it snowed for over 12 hours straight...without stopping!!!
The cows...enjoying the snow :)
Ginger, and the snow. :) 
Now, not only did the joy of the chicken show come, but...WE GOT SNOW!!!!

Me and Snail sledding on snow day #1
Mom and Little Young

The farm, the morning after the snowstorm.
This is pic was taken from our front porch...

And what did I make at least three times after it snowed?! SNOW CREAM!!!!! Oh, yum. It's so easy. Just take some snow and make a milk and sugar mixture in a cup (add about a cup of milk at a time, and a few TBSP of sugar to the milk for a mixture that you slowly add to the snow). Mix and add some Cocoa and/or vanilla. Chocolate is really good. You may need to get more snow, because remember, some of it will melt. .

We also had a blast sledding. :) :D ;)

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  1. Congratulations to you both on your WIN!!!! I've never seen old German pigeons before! They are cool. And the view from your porch is breath taking!