Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to Chicago....Mom's post

Buck and I
We had a wonderful trip to Chicago and laid to rest one of the most wonderful ladies ever known. Bucks Grandmother, Maria Bojczuk, passed away at age 91. We're so thankful we had the chance to visit with her last year...our Texas trip Family came from coast to coast to attend her funeral. Everyone that had a hand in that did a wonderful job. The Ukrainian church, where some of the service took pass, was just beautiful! And the dinner after was amazing with a wonderful time of fellowship. I'm glad this was the first funeral for my children, because it was a good kind of sorrow. She lived a nice long life and was loved by all, but most importantly accepted Jesus as her true Savior and we'll see her again! She's with the Lord in a paradise that we can not more pain....and she's young again! She will be missed by all and we'll do our best to continue her legacy.

While in Chicago we visited family and the old neighborhood were Buck lived. He always
shares stories about living in Chicago, but would never let us get out and visit any of the places.
Outside Fiores
It's been 10yrs since our last visit and the old neighborhood had a "face lift", so Buck let us walk around and check it out. There was a little Italian corner store he use to go to with his allowance every week and get a canolli and yoohoo. We took a trip over there and there it was! Fiore's! We got Canollis and Tiramisu. They were both the best I'd ever had.

We also went to visit Buck's sisters, Misha and Maria. Misha and Carlo Sr. have a really cute house in a nice part of town. And they they made sure we ate well (famous Chicago pizza and fried chicken)...there was so much delicious food we could have stayed for a few days. Misha's son Carlo has his own reptile zoo in his room, which is another highlight of the trip. He was kind to let all the kids hold his his cute turtles.
One of Carlos turtles, he said this one can
live to be 150 yrs old!
Misha, Carlo Sr, and Gravy
Buck and cousins (Veronia's children)

YMCA that Buck and his Bro went to
Reptile exhibit :)

Apartments Buck grew up in (his uncle
owns them now)

Elsie and I
Then, we went to Kurt and Noelle's (Buck's Uncle and Aunt),who made the best chili and BBQ sandwiches...mmm.
 Then Veronica's (Buck's Aunt), who had some more awesome Chicago pizza...time to get back on the treadmill. We visited with all Buck's cousins and their child and had a blast.

To sum it up...its true...everything taste better in Chicago, there's a variety of food and lots of it. And your family will make sure your well feed. Their driving is close to that of South America, the lines on the road are only a suggestion, the buses will push you out of the way, and when you park the car, you better get out quick or you could lose your door!...we seen this happen to a van while we were there. And most importantly Chicago may be big, fast moving city, but Buck's family slowed down to spend time with us and make us feel welcome. Their all so great and we all have no problem picking up where we left off, even if its been a decade. We love you all.

Grandma's children: Olga, Mishie (Buck's dad), Meddon, and Jerry
Bojczuk cousins
Beautiful Ukrainian church 
cool looking building downtown
Misha, Mishie, Maria

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